VanDyke Software Announces SecureCRT 9.2 and SecureFX 9.2 with Simplified Password Management and Increased Productivity | News


A new credential manager provides a single place to configure session credentials and change passwords for multiple sessions; SecureCRT’s Active Session Manager makes it easy to view the status of open sessions; SecureFX’s sudo command provides more flexibility when using SCP connections.

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VanDyke Software®a developer of cross-platform secure terminal emulation and secure file transfer software, today announced the official releases of SecureCRT® 9.2 and SecureFX® 9.2.

Credentials Manager simplifies password management across multiple sessions

“Many of our customers manage passwords for a large number of sessions, which can be time consuming and inefficient if done manually,” said Maureen JetProduct Director. “Credential Manager allows multiple sessions to share credentials. Now you can change a password in one place and no longer need to manually locate and update sessions This is especially useful when an organization requires new passwords monthly, weekly or even daily.”

SecureCRT Active Sessions Manager allows easy viewing of open sessions

Working with a large number of connections is easier with the dockable session manager (now available on Mac and Linux platforms in addition to Windows). Using the Active Sessions Manager, clients can see the status of all open sessions and quickly locate specific sessions as well as local shells, notebooks, and open script files.

Import connections from text files

A text file import wizard streamlines the process of importing sessions from CSV, TSV, or other delimited text files. Previously, sessions had to be imported manually or with a script.

SecureFX SCP sudo command adds flexibility

SecureFX now has a configurable SCP sudo command so you can switch to another user after establishing an SCP connection.

SSH2 improvement and updated FIPS module

SecureCRT and SecureFX reduce SSH2 connection failures by allowing the application to retry a connection using a supported algorithm if Cipher or MAC algorithm negotiation fails. On Windows, SecureCRT and SecureFX include an updated module for Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 compliance.

New platforms

Supported platforms now include Windows 11, Windows Server 2022, and macOS 12 (Monterey).

SecureCRT 9.2 and SecureFX 9.2 include technical support during evaluation

Fully functional evaluation copies of SecureCRT and SecureFX can be downloaded from the VanDyke Software website at Evaluators have full access to expert technical support from VanDyke Software to assist with installation, configuration, and testing during the 30-day evaluation period.

About VanDyke Software, Inc.

Busy IT professionals rely on VanDyke Software to deliver robust, easy-to-configure software for secure remote access, secure file transfer, terminal emulation, and remote administration. VanDyke Software offers fully supported evaluation of its products for 30 days prior to purchase, providing evaluators and customers with a superior level of service.

The Company’s product offerings include SecureCRT Secure Shell terminal emulator, the SecureFX secure file transfer client and the VShellName® secure file transfer server. For more information about VanDyke Software, visit the company’s website at

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