Software developer is the most important tech job of the future, survey finds


A remote survey found that the most in-demand digital skills relate to social media, digital marketing and software development.

In a survey of more than 500 tech workers and employers, 37pc said software developer will be the most important tech job in the future.

They were interviewed by Remote, a US-based company that helps organizations hire remote workers. He asked more than 500 employers and employees who work in technology to give their opinion on the skills needed for the future.

After software developer, the occupations considered most important for the future were those of software engineer, workstation manager, digital workstation program manager, automation manager and software engineer. machine learning.

Respondents were also asked to give their opinion on the most in-demand skills for tech workers. The top five skills identified by respondents were social media skills; digital marketing; software development; programming, web and application development; and software engineering.

The survey asked respondents which digital tools are used in tech industries, based on which are most often paid for. Adobe Creative Suite took the top spot, with 29% of respondents saying it was paid for within their company.

Other tools used for communication purposes, such as Gmail, Slack and Loom, were also listed as popular.

According to Jacob Schatz, head of automation at Remote, employers have a responsibility to help their employees improve their digital skills as technology continues to advance.

“Our survey found that nearly 30% of employers use tools or software that are 11-15 years old, and 26% of respondents also don’t offer technology training,” he said. “If you expect your team to keep up with digital trends, your equipment and approach to in-house training should complement that.”

In June of this year, the Code Institute’s head of digital content and production, Daragh Ó Tuama, wrote an article for that outlined nine reasons to become a software developer. From job satisfaction to career progression opportunities and high salaries, he said it was a good option for anyone considering their future right now.

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