Hey, gamers, don’t lean on this malicious Windows 11 software


For a gamer, life is better in 2022, but a Mac OS and Linux may not be the best, but Windows is still the fastest and most affected computer operating system. Microsoft is aware of this advantage. However, over the years of Windows 11, many more gaming elements are to come. Here are the windows that make your next frag session even better.

game bar

Windows 11 game bar.

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Windows 11 comes with an interactive feature, which gives you quick access to useful tools with just a keystroke. A single key you can use will be used to open the game bar at any time (even if you’re not playing a game) when you press Open + G. If you have an Xbox controller and your PC, press the Xbox button will do the same.

The Game Bar is an overlay with widgets for creating a game movie, and even controlling audio output and monitoring PC performance. In the settings, you can upload, share and connect to your social media accounts to have instant access to your captured images and videos.

Direct storage

If you have enough power, Microsoft has devised a way for your hardware to communicate better and better, making games more efficient. It’s called DirectStorage. You don’t have to do anything to turn it on. For some hardware that requires an upgrade, you absolutely must meet certain specifications.

Windows XP direct storage.

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DirectStorage allows your computer to store played games. This reduces the procedure required by most systems, thereby reducing performance. If you have a free X 12. By using the game with DirectX, you can benefit from DirectStorage as long as you have an NVMe SSD and a compatible GPU. Any AMD RDNA2 or Nvidia RTX 2000 or later series should work.

If you are unsure whether your system can handle DirectStorage, you can find out from the game bar mentioned above. Check settings and select games. This page will tell you if your software, GPU, and SSD are compatible.

Auto HDR

Windows 11-HDR assignable.

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Games with HDR (high dynamic range) can produce realistic and vibrant colors. Although many developers are unfamiliar with HDR support, it’s only been a few years since. If you’re playing a game that doesn’t support HDR, Windows 11 may follow an automatic HDR feature.

There’s a good reason you need a monitor with HDR, and it’s usually more expensive than standard panel types. If you have a compatible monitor, Windows can asymmetrically improve non-HDR games on its own. This happens at the standard level, so developers don’t have to do anything. To enable Auto HDR, go to Settings > System > Display > HDR. If your monitor is supported, you can enable Auto HDR. I will also add an HDR intensity slider to the game bar.

Game mode

There’s nothing worse than watching your silky smooth game drop frames because something on your PC decided it’s time to have some heavy operation running in the background. If your PC is still struggling to maintain frame rates, this renders a game unplayable. Windows 11 has a way to stop this, and gaming mode is invoked.

Windows 11 is game mode.

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There is a button under Settings > Gaming > Gaming Mode. This is a door closer only, and there is no specific hardware requirement. Open the door and Windows won’t try to download or install updates in the background, and apps that use Windows Alerts won’t interrupt your game. Game mode automatically springs into action when Windows detects your own exploitation.

Gamebeach store.

The Widget Store for Windows 11 is available.

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The Game Bar is fully accessible when you first open it, but it’s more customizable than you might think. In the menus there is a widget store where more items are needed for this overlay. The widget is in the bar with the left button, the right button in the main bar. The widget store is at the bottom.

The biggest thing you can find in the store is free, but there are a few paid widgets and plenty of overlays that connect to paid desktop apps. The store offers widgets that can add floating YouTube videos, insert an ethically unambiguous crosshair on your screen to distract you from focusing on telescopes, and more. Also check out here a collection of related gadgets that suit hardware like EVGA video cards and Corsair cooler.

Xbox app

The Oxford player will be able to play the game in the box.

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Microsofts Xbox comes with Windows 11 and is worth opening up even if you don’t have an Xbox. It lets you buy PC games like Cuphead, Destiny 2, or Minecraft, but it’s more than a Steam-only replacement with a mediocre catalog. This is also the key to Microsoft’s Game Pass on PC.

Game Pass is a subscription service that lets you choose a wide variety of games for free. You can play and install them as long as they’re on Game Pass, Microsoft has bought out publishers like Bethesda and Activision-Blizzard to ensure there are plenty of games to play. Even if you don’t have a fancy GPU, you can use the Xbox app to activate this game. Game Pass Ultimate, which costs $15 a month, is available on Cloud Gaming, which renders games from your computer to a server . The choice here isn’t particularly wide, but you do have Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Doom Eternal, and other console hits. So if you get your game patch, Windows 11 should have something to improve the experience.


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